Everything about me

Hello my name is Rica, Im a self taught artist and I've been drawing since when I was a little kid. At 7 years old I discovered how to use an Oil pastel and It was everything for me. I started to mix and discover the colors that i can make and by just having fun and being dirty at the same time. Art is not something I know and do everyday when I was a kid. But it's a thing that I enjoyed to do and just another world that brought me into. And that's how I discovered that there's something about creating art that made me fall in love with all of it's process. And that's how I got myself into this.

Recent Work

Disney inspired Illustration


Small Illustration

Background study

Background Piece 1

Warm up Painting


Background Piece 2

Background Piece 3

Character Design

A pratice of a Walking cycle

Morning Coffee

Kate from Life is Strange Videogame


I knew,I improved with hairs when I created this.

Landscape study

Reference from Jonny Borruso's Photography.

Work in Progress

Im a fan of Ghibli Studio

Inspired outfit from my closet